The StartUp Program


The McHattie Law Firm is passionate about fueling innovation and fostering start-ups, emerging companies, and innovators. As a result, we developed a unique StartUp Program to encourage and facilitate the entrepreneurs and innovators behind those efforts.

To be considered for the McHattie Law Firm StartUp Program, your “company” must be less than 18 months old or be 3 years or younger with 5 or less employees, although we are also open to discussing unique circumstances. Acceptance into the McHattie Law Firm Startup Program is in the sole and exclusive discretion of the McHattie Law Firm.

If accepted, the program includes:

    • 1 hour consultation
    • Entity Formation + Preliminary Operating/Shareholder Agreement ($300 + costs)
    • Brand Advice ($300)
    • In-house Trademark Search ($300)
    • 3rd-Party Trademark Search with Registrability Opinion (not to exceed $500 + cost of search)
    • In-house Patent Search (not to exceed $750)
    • 3rd-Party Patent Search with Preliminary Patentability assessment (not to exceed $500 + cost of search)
    • Preliminary Package of Operational Forms including NDA/Non-compete, Independent Contractor, Employee Offer Letter, Standard Introductory Employee Manual and Human Resources Forms (not to exceed $750)
    • 1st year of Representation all professional fees charged at 50% of prevailing rate

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